If you wish to use a moving company, book it approximately 4 weeks before your moving day.

Also, if you are using a cleaning company to clean your home after the move, book one approximately 4 weeks in advance to allow for more choice of time of day.  It is important to keep in mind that moving and cleaning companies are significantly busier at the end and start of a month and their fees are generally higher during their busier times of the month. 

If you live in an apartment book an elevator with the Strata Council.  You may need you pick up elevator keys and place a deposit.



Organize your possessions.  Decide what you want to take, and what you wish to part with.  Consider having a garage sale, or just donating the items. 



If you require child care or pet care make the necessary arrangements now.  

If you are hiring a moving company, ask if they provide moving supplies, such as boxes and packing paper.  If you are looking for free boxes, any major supermarket or liquor store is a gold mine.  Ask the customer service desk and they will let you know where you can pick them up.  Certain days of the week are better than others.  Also, you might need to go a few times, depending on how many boxes you will need.

Start with clearing out an area in your home.  Perhaps a garage, a seldom used room, or even a corner in your apartment.  This is where you will be stacking packed boxes.  Be sensible when packing boxes, do not over pack.  They will be too heavy to carry, or may break apart.

Pack one room at a time.  Start with the least used rooms and proceed to the bathroom and kitchen.  Label all boxes on the top, as well as, the sides.  Do not pack important documents or jewelry.  These items should be transported to your new home on your person.

Finally, you will need to clean your home.  It is best to hire professionals, however, if you are doing it yourself, remember to clean inside all cabinets, the fridge and stove. 

Leave all keys and garage door opener on the kitchen counter.  Write out any other special instructions or home quirks for the new owner.